James Southwell Band

James Southwell has been playing guitar & singing since he was only 7 years old. He has played on stage with Australia's greatest blues band Chain, The Kevin Borich Express, Phil Manning, Stevie Wright and a host of other well known Australian artists. James is heavily influenced by these players as well as Geoff Achison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix & Joe Walsh. James was also Angry Anderson's Lead Guitarist.

He currently has a high-energy electric trio the James Southwell Band, which is sometimes billed as 'James Southwell's JUDGEMENT'. He is committed to his chosen career and he is now a full time professional touring guitarist/singer/songwriter. James writes his own material as well as playing some very well thought out covers.

James Southwell Music

The Band

James Southwell / Guitar & Vocals

Mark Kennedy / Drums, is an Australian drummer, who over the years has performed with Spectrum, Ayres Rock, Friends, Ring Starr, Glenn Shorrock, Duran Duran, Marcia Hinds, Leo Sayer, Angry Anderson, Kevin Borich, The Shuffle Kings, Andy Cowan, Geoff Achison, Billy Thorpe, Doug Parkinson, Gail Page, Russell Morris, Normie Rowe, Renee Geyer, Men At Work, plus many more as well as playing on over 500 albums world wide.

Tim Partridge / Bass, is an Australian bass player, who over the years has performed with Renee Geyer, Kevin Borich, Ross Wilson, Ross Hannaford, Darryl Braithwaite, Kevin Johnstone, Jeff St John, Wendy Saddington, Doug Parkinson, Company Caine, Doug Ashdowne, Tommy and Phil Emmanuel, Kamal, Weather Report, The Drifters, Four Day Riders, Little Patti, Barry Leef, Normie Rowe, Stevie Wright, The Aunty Jack Show plus many more as well as also playing on hundreds of albums world wide.