Toni Swain

Originally from Western Australia, Toni Swain spent many years in Sydney, then Cairns, playing to crowds big and small, across all genres, finally settling in the small town of Nundle, NSW, which has been home for the past 10 years.

Spurred on in recent times by the enthusiastic support of travelling musicians, Toni released her debut album, The Red Shed, in 2014, and has now followed that up with her latest CD, Deepest Water. 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Lynch (ex-Sony) at his bespoke studio in a cow paddock at Beechwood, NSW, and skilfully accompanied by  Roy Payne (guitar), George Brugmans (drums), Mike Rix (double bass) and George Bibicos (keyboards), Deepest Water moves forward into a stylish and sophisticated fusion of soul, jazz and R&B with Toni’s songwriting skills really coming home.
This is the stuff she is made of – a family history of jazz and performance in her blood. The album took three days to record with an old-school approach in the studio: the whole band playing live, with the best takes chosen for the album. Backing vocals by Mitchell Anderson and Jeremy Edwards sweeten the deal.

Still, the true art in Toni’s music lies in her live performance, where humility and subtlety bridle at odds with an unstoppable force of nature – that voice, that clarion-rising. Just when you think you’re on easy street riding a tested hook and a melody, Toni takes it all to a higher place, its rightful place, and suddenly everything is well with the world, for that one perfect and unforgettable moment in song.

To hear Toni Swain live is to fall in love with a voice and a soul swelling with warmth and the urge to rise joyfully above our every-days.