The BBC (Bay Blues Company)

The BBC plays a mixture of Blues and Shuffle with the emphasis being to project a happy ‘foot tapping’ sound. The inspiration for this group is based upon the original sounds of ‘New Orleans’ - being the birthplace of Jazz. Three of its members have performed ‘on stage’ at the New Orleans jazz festival.


About the band members

Rob Smith, Leader/Tenor sax/Vocals: Rob started playing gigs in the late fifties in one of Tauranga’s first ‘pop’ bands ‘The Four Fours’ (later became the Human Instinct) - In the late sixties Rob formed his own band ‘The Rob Smith Sextet’ which performed Jazz/rock music for over a decade, members over the period included well known NZ Musicians, bassist Peter McGregor, trumpeter Barry Neilson, and for quite a few years Robs drummer was ‘Father Dave Hall’ the founder of the NZ National (Tauranga) Jazz Festival. Rob became the permanent tenor player with the Dr Jaz band, performing at the New Orleans Jazz festival in Y2K. He has performed with many well know American, European Australian and NZ musicians and has recorded over 50 jazz tracks with both overseas and NZ musicians.

John Keatley: Bass Tuba: John is well known round the traps in the Auckland area as a true maestro. He has performed here in NZ with many overseas musicians. John has also travelled overseas and was a huge hit when he travelled to New Orleans  to perform at the famed NO Jazz festival. His ability to anchor a rhythm section and to drive a band has to be heard to be believed.

Jeff Smith, Keyboard: Jeff is well know as an outstanding entertainer especially in the Bay of Islands where his contributions to the BOI jazz festival have seen him awarded a ‘life membership’ of the organisation. His dexterity on the keyboard along with his swinging vocals has made him a standout performer with great NZ jazz bands such as ‘Jazz A Plenty’ and has had a permanent place with the BBC for the past few years.

Jimmy Gibb, Percussion: Jimmy is another well known Auckland drummer who’s roots back in the old country taught  him  many skills,  this quiet individual can stir up some real excitement and is the consummate drummer for the style of music presented by the BBC.

Doug Harvey and Dave Proud are also members of the band.