Moondog Blues

His guitars are mostly metal ...modestly abused.
Featuring a nocturnal freight train voice, blues harp the sound of the blues
Plus… Moondogs AlleyTyn Guitars, Frankenslide custom lapsteel, 80 year old ‘Flo’ Nightingale.
Dedicated to the blues for 40+ yrs and starting out as a bass player …it’s said that he plays guitar like one.
Influenced by Lightning Hopkins, Rory Gallagher, to Tom Waits and Neil Young.
Style in a nutshell, anything from Traditional Blues to Rock N Blues A Billy Roll Moondog's performance is Possessed... heartfelt and real
With the steady rollin’ rhythm section of… Ben Michelsen on stand up n rock Drumkit and Matt Shepherd on Bass.
Blues is life… Such is Blues

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