Shimian have been playing together as a band for 16 years starting off as a three piece acoustic guitar and vocal group. Founding members were Jim Wood, Shelley Martin and Ian Anderson.   The name Shimian is cleverly made from sections of each of their Christian names – SHelley jIM IAN! 

The band grew over time adding Tracey Deane on Drums and later Brendon Heathcote on Bass bringing a rounded sound, full of variety to each and every event played at.  Shelley and Ian can be found playing out as a duo at times allowing versatility for bookings.

For the first time ever, Ian can not join the line up this time.  Nothing would stop Ian from playing at the festival except a much awaited family commitment. He'll be missed this year, however they have the talented Regan Bell stepping in playing lead guitar.   He's an ex BOI College lad with family still in the area! Make sure you say hi if you know, or knew him. 

Shimian is a diverse and dynamic band hired regularly for many private and public events.  Both covers and originals will be heard at all their sets this year, however the covers are known as “Shimian Styled” covers.  They like to reinvent rather than copy.  Of course the songs are recognisable enough that you can sing along and perhaps dance, if you wish! Or just sit back and enjoy.

Attending the Bay of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival is a much enjoyed and anticipated event each year for Shimian.  Blues along with jazz are genre’s all band members have a particular love of, which can be seen and felt at their performances.

Join Shimian this year at their sets and you’ll be sure to go back for more!

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