Latitude Blues Band

Latitude Blues was formed in 2007 by Jeff and Grant, originally with a couple of old friends from school (way back in the 70’s) in Taranaki. We’ve played various venues, pubs, festivals, private parties and Corporate events since and focus on four or five gigs a year to keep our ageing fingers working….. with the departure of Dave last year we thought the band was a gone burger but, with the addition of Trev (also an old school friend) and Adrian (both now hailing from Gisborne) things are definitely looking up. Practices happen in Rotorua a couple of times a year and we’ve almost filled our calendar for the rest of the year!!

With the addition of Trev and Adrian we’ve changed our setlist to a more upbeat model and it’s sounding pretty good.

The boys are really looking forward to the 2018 Jazz and Blues Festival and checking out the other exciting acts on show, always a great weekend!!.